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Why Choose Jackknife Creek?

Farm with us

Follow our socials and sign up for our newsletter to get VIP access to what goes on at the farm! We're proud of the care we put into raising our cattle and growing crops. And we know that not only is providing nutritious food for your family important to you, but so is knowing where it came from and how it was raised.

Expertise creates extraordinary

There are a lot of things that impact meat quality, and the food industry's understanding of it is constantly evolving. But one thing never changes: our commitment to building on our expertise to bring premium meat to your table. From managing the cows' diets to ensuring they have enough fat cover for tenderness and marbling, we've been doing this for years - and you can taste the difference.

Transform premium ingredients

Beef can be daunting to cook, but so satisfying to master. We're here for you with recipes, tips and tricks to bring out your inner chef extraordinaire. Whether you're wanting to try something new or just getting started, we're only a phone call away to make sure you're on the right track to creating your next amazing meal.