Leftover Roast Beef Redone as Hot Sandwiches

August 18, 2019

Mother Nature has sure been moody this year - lately her demeanor has been down right chilly. Literally!

The weather has been quite cool with one night of mild frost even - that makes for a grand total of 69 frost free days this growing season. Thankfully it appears that -1°C wasn't too destructive. We still have crops that will see major damage if we have a killing frost in the near future. And our cover crop for cattle feed could benefit from a few more growing days too. The longer the frost holds off this year, the better at this point. And we simply do not have enough tarps to cover the whole garden and save all the fresh produce we are enjoying!

Over the weekend we smoked a marinated sirloin tip roast and it was fantastic! Add in the new garden potatoes, a tossed salad and a wide array of grilled veggies and it was a 100% home grown, home cooked meal. But the roast was big. Way more meat than we would eat in one sitting even with the whole family home.

So when today was rainy and cold and lunchtime rolled around no one was looking forward to plain roast beef sandwiches. It felt more like a soup day to be honest. But leftovers felt easier than making something new for lunch. So hot beef sandwiches it was! And so appreciated by all that there is zero leftover roast in our fridge now. There was disappointment that there wouldn't be more tomorrow - they were that good. And easy! So easy!

For some extra flavour I sliced onions and sautéed them with some butter and garlic. Once these had a nice golden colour to them I added thinly sliced roast beef and cooked until everything was nice and hot. Next the buns were spread with garlic butter on one side and topped with the beef mixture on the other with a couple slices of mozzarella cheese. (Because everything is better with cheese!) Popped these into the oven to melt and get a little golden then lunch was served! Lip smacking good!

Jolene Noble

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