4 PK Chuck Roast (12 lbs approx)

4 PK Chuck Roast (12 lbs approx)

Small, Medium, Large Available


Save $2.00 /lb.
$7.50 /lb.
$9.50 /lb.
Avg. 12 lb.

The chuck roast is your classic pot roast. It's a cut that is best cooked low and slow until it's fork tender (bonus - that 'toughness' in the meat that melts away with a long cook time turns to collagen!). Whether that's with a braising liquid in the oven with root vegetables or spices in a crockpot for pulled beef or on the smoker for burnt ends, the end result is always delicious!

Sizes Available:

  • small roast - 2-3 lbs
  • medium roast - 3-4 lbs
  • large roast - 4-6 lbs